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by consultant

ImagePop is simple. Pop in, stand out.

It’s easy to see that there’s never been more mindshare than there is today on generating good photos (thank you social media), but getting the shots can be challenging, whether you’re a startup brand hungry for fresh marketing images or a new parent dying to capture your baby’s monthly milestones without having to clean up at home and wait for the perfect afternoon light.

Located on the Downtown Mall in Charlottesville’s Vault Virginia complex, ImagePop is a white box studio offering short pop-in appointments as well as longer time blocks for bigger projects, ample professional lighting and (really fun) photography equipment and accessories that you can use with your own camera or smartphone.

Appointments are available to book easily online. When you arrive, we help you get set up and started.

ImagePop is perfect for:

  • Updating head shots
  • Regular social media marketing images
  • Flat lay product and inspirational shots
  • Product photography
  • Baby and child milestone marker photos
  • Fun, casual photos with friends and family

We partner with talented local photographers for shoots upon request and offer creative direction, digital photo editing and done-for-you product photography services to local businesses.

The whole punk ethic was do-it-yourself, and I’ve always been very literal, especially as a kid. When they said anybody can do this, I was like, ‘OK, that’s me.’

Michael Stipe

For so many people today, powerful cameras are as close as the palms of our hands or our back pockets. We’re flooded with social media images — inspiration is all around us. What gets in the way of great images is often the little stuff: poor lighting, daily business operations that make product photography awkward and in competition with delivering great customer service, the less-than-picture-perfect desk surface or a living room floor covered with toys.


At ImagePop, we get it. After years of working with independent brands in the sustainable fashion space and growing the Instagram audience for her fashion podcast and DIY PR membership platform to 14K+, ImagePop founder Lorraine Sanders has seen firsthand how much of a difference great images make for emerging and established brands. As a female entrepreneur and mother of two, she also knows how empowering it is to have images you’re proud of both at work and at home.

With ImagePop, we give you the space to create what’s possible – quickly, easily and starting at $35.

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